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I've written lots of fanfiction for both The Matrix Trilogy and Iron Man.  Some of it is a little scattered around, but you can find it all here.

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Just a little while ago this evening, my mother and I were driving through a strip mall, on our way from the drugstore to Subway. There are many small restaurants between, and it was very crowded, with lots of people waiting around outside. In one spot, there were several young children running around playing. As my mother and I were passing, I saw one little boy run into the road. We were scared and worried, and a few seconds later, he ran into the road again. I immediately unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car. As I ran up to them I yelled at who I thought was the boy’s father. He said he was the father of some of the other kids, but not that boy. Just as I was going over to the other group of adults to find out who the parents were, the boy ran into the street again. I caught up to him and got down in front of him, holding onto his arms, and told him that he had to stay on the sidewalk. I told him it was very dangerous to run in the street, and he could play, but had to do it only on the sidewalk. He said “okay” timidly, and I told him he wasn’t in trouble, it was just important that he stay safe. Then I told him to go back to his mom, and I went back to mine in the car.

Me getting out and her stopping the car caused a jam, and a security guard yelled at her for stopping. I didn’t give a damn about any of it. I would have stopped every car in there if I had to. Because the simple, brutal truth is, that little boy could very easily have been killed right then and there. It was dark, it was crowded, drivers were hungry and impatient and there were many, many distractions facing those drivers. One wrong move, one second off, and that innocent, precious little boy could have died in a pointless, completely meaningless, tragic accident. I was so afraid for that little boy. After it was over, I was full of adrenaline and couldn’t stop shaking.

I don’t know who I’m more angry at: the boy’s parents, who clearly never bothered to teach him basic safety rules, or the other adults around him who could not possibly have missed what he was doing, yet did nothing about it. When I went to the man who I thought was the father, he said “He’s not my son” with a tone that said “he’s not my responsibility, why should I care about him?” American culture and human psychology discourages us from getting involved in other people’s business, especially when it involves a stranger’s child. But this wasn’t a matter of different parenting styles, or a parent who’s yelling a little too much at a child. This was a true life-threatening situation, and anyone paying attention would know it. And out of all the supposedly responsible adults who were there and had to have seen what happened, I was the only one who did a damn thing.

I believe in fate, that things happen for a reason, and that the universe will do its best to put the right people in the right place at the right time. There were many little things that happened that put me in that place at that moment tonight. Things that we didn’t expect to happen and probably shouldn’t have happened. But it did. And because of that, I believe something very bad would have happened to that little boy if I hadn’t been there and done something.

To everyone reading this, don’t just stand by and ignore things like this. If something truly dangerous is happening, or even just something very bad that affects you this way, don’t just stand around and do nothing. Don’t assume it will be fine. Don’t assume someone else will handle it. You may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable going up to talk to a stranger’s child, or trying to talk some sense into their parents. But if you do nothing and watch a child die in a tragic accident that you could have prevented, the guilt and pain will be infinitely worse. Remember that.

So I wrote a little fic.  But it's for a pairing I'm seriously in the closet about.  So I'll just quietly leave this here.

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oh hai there LJ!

Just cuz I neglect you doesn't mean I don't love you, okay?

I'm still here!  Been sewing for Comic Con, doing silly geeky things, neglecting you for Tumblr, you know, that sort of thing.

And what else have I been doing, gosh, I know there was something else... oh yeah, I remember:

I GRADUATED COLLEGE, BITCHES!!!  Like a month ago.  With a 3.67 GPA, no less!  I totally have some pictures to share and a video of my little speech, I'll put those up here post  hast!

Yesterday I went to the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival screening of Iron Man and Iron Man 2.  Between the movies there was a nice long interview with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr.  I had a decent seat so I filmed the whole thing.  The video quality is low and the lighting was terrible, but the audio should come across fine for most of it.  Enjoy!

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Someone unplugged my brain.

I still need it.  I'm not done yet.

This is a problem.

God help me.

At this point, the perfect course of events for the next two weeks would be as follows:

Get Crackberry setup and on the same phone number with zero complications
Get issues with old never-canceled bank account fixed with zero complications
Finish all homework easily
Have friends come visit
Pack a bag, put kitty in carrier
Get on the first plane and/or boat to Avalon
Stay in a nice hotel there for a week.

If that's not possible, I would like to be shot in the head right now.

Seriously.  Its not a matter of IF I suddenly break out crying, but when.

awkward day is awkward

Today was the most awkward day ever.

So first I forget to put on deodorant this morning.  Bad enough right?  But then I have this work party thing to go to.  So I show up, and then I realize this dress I decided to wear, with a really low-cut back (and I mean REALLY low) was probably not a good idea.  So I'm standing there, trying not to feel totally naked in front of EVERYONE that I work with, when all of a sudden my boss shows up out of nowhere and before I can say two words I'm dancing with him.  And I have to admit, the guy's hot, so that was super uncomfortable.  And then he pulls me off to the side to talk, and I'm obviously a little nervous, so after a minute he offers to get me a drink to calm me down.  But then the bastard DITCHES me!  He's such an asshole.

Most awkward. day. ever.