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That Spirited Ginger Woman
10 March 1989
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I’m a very weird/unique person.

I’m a huge sci-fi geek, I am bisexual, Wiccan and a Democrat. I am a very shy and pretty solitary person, and admittedly I don’t have much of a life, but I’m working on changing that, slowly but surely. I am unusually smart, and I’m best at figuring out the more abstract philosophical questions in life.

I love writing more than anything. I primarily write fanfiction at the moment, though lately I’ve been branching out more into original fiction. I hope to become a published author one day, and hope that the things I write make some lasting impact on the world. I am also good at nonfiction/academic/professional style writing.

I am in my third year of college, majoring in Women’s Studies and minoring in Professional Writing. I’m expecting to get a Master’s in Women’s Studies, and hope the writing skills I develop in my minor will help me get a job in the real world.

My primary fandoms are Iron Man at the moment, and I have loved The Matrix Trilogy (yes, all three films) for many years, even if I haven’t watched the films in almost two years. I loved Iron Man the first time I saw the movie, and I have branched out somewhat into the comics. I enjoy other sci-fi movies and TV shows, though I am not a big enough fan of any of them to read or write fanfiction. I practice what I like to call “Fangirl Monogamy.”

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